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Your Career Transformation Program

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Are you at a career crossroads, wondering, “What’s next?” in your career? Do you feel stuck, boxed in, and blocked, and wish for more meaningful, uplifting work? Would you like to overcome fears and confusion about your career, and learn how to finally create work that you love?

Now, you can get clear about your new career direction with soul-satisfying strategies & support from Dr....See more
Are you at a career crossroads, wondering, “What’s next?” in your career? Do you feel stuck, boxed in, and blocked, and wish for more meaningful, uplifting work? Would you like to overcome fears and confusion about your career, and learn how to finally create work that you love?

Now, you can get clear about your new career direction with soul-satisfying strategies & support from Dr. Susan Bernstein, host of HayHouseRadio.com’s Work from Within show and a Movers & Shakers Winner. Join the Your Career Transformation online course and get the direction and encouragement you need so you can feel calm, clear, and confident about a new vision for work.

In ten online lessons, career reinvention expert Dr. Susan Bernstein shares the tools and techniques she’s used to help thousands of people successfully navigate career transitions. She’ll help you reinvent your career with the highly transformative process she's developed. You’ll learn practices for staying positive and motivated as you gain clarity about the work you’d love to do in the world, and you’ll take steps toward that work. You’ll reduce your stress and stay focused on crafting work you genuinely desire.

Here’s a special message to you from Susan:

“Hi, I’m Dr. Susan Bernstein, and I want to speak to you if you’re in soul-sapping work and feel ready to break out of that. Do you want to develop a clear vision of work that will truly uplift and fulfill you? Would you like to you take your next steps toward that work?

“I know that you can craft work that truly brings you alive! I care deeply about helping you powerfully reinvent yourself. If you fully commit to this program, you’ll have the process, practices, and perspectives that will help you clarify your vision, get support, and begin your journey toward work that fits you so much better. You'll build a “can do” feeling as you move towards the work you desire.”

Online Series Objectives:
In this strategically designed, energizing, and supportive 10-lesson online course, you will:

Discover the Energizing Work That’s Within You
• Cultivate your own juicy, satisfying, authentic answers to the question “what’s next?”
• Transform “work” from a dirty, four-letter word into a joyful expression of the energy within you.
• Create your own meaningful career direction and your unique next steps to getting there.
• Make career and life decisions that truly align with your desires.
• Maximize your ROLE, your Return On Life Energy, right now, so you can better handle your current job as you transition into more meaningful, satisfying work.
• Learn how to craft work that expresses who you uniquely are and what you care about.
• Be supported by a proven process that you can use to design work that fits for you, and use it again and again as you move through your life.

Develop Your Inner Career Change Wisdom
• Listen to—and really trust—yourself more and more each day.
• Cultivate your innate instincts and impulses that are constantly informing you about what you truly want.
• Feel calmer and more alive and vibrant about both your life and your livelihood.
• Build the internal confidence to pursue work that truly fits for you.

Transform the “Stuck” Places Within You – Open Up Life Affirming Livelihood Possibilities
• Examine and compassionately acknowledge the places where you feel “stuck” about career change, so you can transform that energy to support you.
• Develop perspectives and practices so you can make important life changes now, with less fear and more confidence.
• Avoid putting off a career change...again.
• Quit tossing and turning at night, wondering about what your next career move is.
• Move away from work that no longer suits you and move towards work that really reflects who you.
• Stop procrastinating and stop telling yourself “I’m going to figure out my next career move” – because if you commit to yourself to take full advantage of this program, you’ll find the structure and support to actually make changes.

Lesson Overviews

As a participant in the Your Career Transformation program, you’ll get:
• New perspectives that will help you create a life and livelihood that fits for you, uniquely!
• Tools & techniques for crafting your personal vision of work you will truly love.
• Exercises to help you clarify your deepest desires about work and perspectives to help you move toward that kind of work.

Lesson 1: Don’t Look for a Job! Maximize Your ROLE
What does it take to have meaningful work, after all? Learn how to create a new vision of work, and harness the power to transform your life and livelihood. Focusing on maximizing your ROLE, your Return on Life Energy. And, if you want a truly sensational life, discover the value of paying attention to your sensations for guidance - that’s what it means to develop “Sense-Ability”. Your thoughts are great, but we need to avoid getting caught in beliefs that no longer serve us. Learning to pay attention to the messages from your body can help you stay true to yourself, especially if you’re prone to take care of other people’s needs (like managers and co-workers) before your own.

Lesson 2: Delve into Your Desires
What are your true desires around work? I’ll share with you about the power of dreaming big, and the processes and practices to support you in doing that. The tools I have to share with you will help you to transform your work and your life. Find out how to prevent yourself from “settling” for work that drains your energy. Learn to use the power of your mind and body, together, to guide you away from work that no longer suits you, and into work that uplifts and energizes you.

Lesson 3: What’s Your Life Telling You? Look at Your LEAPs (Life Energy Activation Points)
What does your life already tell you about the work you desire, and how can you use that information? Tap into what you already know about yourself, and use that information creatively to help you find your new direction. You’ll learn how to make sense of your drains, your gains, and your desires. But, more importantly, you’ll be introduced to practices to transform your desires into realities, so you move from ideas into action.

Lesson 4: A New Approach to Career Planning: Start with Your ROLE Maximizers
It’s time to change the way most of us do career planning. Perhaps you have, like many others, assumed that you have to take a job that you can do, and that it’s your job to use your skills, even if you don’t enjoy using those skills. That’s a recipe for becoming drained by work. In this session, you’ll discover a new approach to career planning, one that taps into the power of the activities you love most.

Lesson 5: Mix It Up! Generate Creative Combinations for Your Future Career
What are some out-of-the-box possibilities for what your new work might look like? Discover a unique approach to crafting new career and life options for yourself, ones that truly ignite your energy. Many people get stuck in the idea stage, wondering what they might create. In this session, you’ll find new ways to build momentum and move ahead with excitement.

Lesson 6: Increase Your WOW Factor – Find Creative Ways of Working
If you’ve been in one job for a long time, or you’ve felt really stuck or trapped, you may need some support in envisioning more enjoyable, engaging ways to work. During this session, you’ll explore some creative ways to work. Too often, we think of work as a "job," and sometimes, being an employee is actually a limiting option. In this session, we'll talk about other possibilities, including freelancing, contracting, being an entrepreneur, and crafting a portfolio. If you're looking for exciting new visions for the way that you can share your stellar skills, talents, and abilities with the world and reap abundant rewards, this session will open up your imagination and set career possibilities in motion.

Lesson 7: From Imagination to Exploration to Manifestation
What steps do you take to move into work that truly fits you? Taking what you’ve discovered about yourself in the first six sessions, you’ll clarify your direction and start taking steps that will lead you where you truly want to go.

Lesson 8: Desire Can Exceed Doubt: Facing Fears & Anxieties About Career Change
As you clarify the work you truly desire and move toward it, you can almost count on some fear and anxiety arising. These feelings are a normal part of the process of change. Most of us put up resistance to the very thing we truly desire, whether consciously or unconsciously. Yet how do you get beyond the inner voices that hold you back? Learn how to do turn them to your advantage with some innovative tools that allow you to fine-tune your mental landscape. You’ll learn about the connection between sensations, emotions, and thoughts, and how to harness the power of your sensations and thoughts to tame unpleasant thoughts when they arise. These tools will help you not only in your career, but your whole life.

Lesson 9: Welcome the Money, Honey
“It would be great to do work I love …but I’ll never make any money at it” Have you ever said anything like this? This session is geared toward helping you transform your limiting beliefs about money and career, while at the same time helping you to welcome money and abundance into your life. One month after the initial 8 weeks of lessons, we’ll check in and dabble in both the practical and the magical aspects of mixing money and meaning in your career.

Lesson 10: Making the Transition
How do you put it all together? Now that you have more clarity about where you’re going in your career, how do you live this as a life approach? Learn to build Sense-Ability into all that you do, so that you can move and shift and change with whatever comes your way, all the while getting clearer about what matters to you.


A month of coaching with most career coaches is more than the cost of this 10 lesson online course. In fact, if you were to hire her for one-on-one coaching, Susan's fee for 10 hours would be over $3,000! With this online course, you’re getting 10 lesson downloads to keep and listen to again and again.

This online course also meets one of the prerequisites for becoming a ROLE Reinvention Coach. If you've been interested in coaching people, and love helping people get clear in their careers, that's just one more reason to take this seminar!

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to work with one of the top experts in career reinvention, Dr. Susan Bernstein! Not only will you create a new vision for your career but you’ll also get the tools and support you need to make that vision a reality.

This Online Course provides all ten lesson downloads immediately upon purchase.

Please note: This program was formerly called "Reinvent your ROLE" and you'll hear it referred to that way in the program materials when you download them. See less
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