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Game-Changers: Exploring Profound Questions that Have the Power to Redirect Your Life

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Join Caroline Myss for a riveting look into the game-changing questions and decisions that have the power to completely shift your life.

Certain questions in life are more than questions. They are game changers—they’re the questions you want to ask another person because you can tell that it’s just the right question to ask, but you know it’s also going to change the game. Ask it,...See more
Join Caroline Myss for a riveting look into the game-changing questions and decisions that have the power to completely shift your life.

Certain questions in life are more than questions. They are game changers—they’re the questions you want to ask another person because you can tell that it’s just the right question to ask, but you know it’s also going to change the game. Ask it, and the person will have no alternative but to speak in a way that sets the wheels of change in motion in his or her life.

Often times we want to be asked a game changer. Like hanging off a cliff, we wait for someone to ask, “But how do you really feel about our relationship at this point?” We always talk about waiting for the right moment to bring up subjects that have game-changing power to them. We need just the right setting, just the right atmosphere, and just the right alchemy. Without all those ingredients in place, the change initiated by asking a game-changing question could backfire and we know it. We could “lose the game” so to speak; not that life is a game, but if we could see it from that perspective for a moment, we would appreciate that we do set up situations as if it were: to increase our chances of winning rather than losing.

In this fascinating online course, Caroline leads you through a deeply rewarding exploration of some of the major game-changing questions we all face in life. How do you handle them? Do these questions just come out of the blue or do you determine a game-changing moment? For example, what forces come together that seem to make us lose interest in what we are doing or who we are in a relationship with? Sometimes that feeling hits us like a tsunami, and we just can’t shake it. We can look for a particular reason for why this feeling descended like heavy weather, but there isn’t a reason. All we know is that a disorienting feeling that seems to have caused an eclipse over the familiar landscape of our life has settled in and deep in our intuitive gut, we know it’s a game changer.

Over your six lessons with Caroline, you’ll examine various game-changing questions and other inner psyche phenomenon—the term Caroline uses to describe the many mysterious and dramatic transitions that take place deep within you.

As with her previous online seminars, Caroline will lecture for 45-minutes and then give personal readings related to the subject matter, so we can all further apply the discussion to real-world experiences.

Lesson Details:

Lesson 1: What is Inner Psyche Phenomenon, and How Do I Experience it?
“Inner Psyche Phenomenon” is a description Caroline gives to transitions or eruptions or anomalies that happen within us that have their roots in our archetypal or cosmic patterns rather than in the events in our physical life. For instance, you can meet someone and have a wild attraction to that person that defies time and space. You feel a familiarity that is “phenomenal” given the brief time you know this person. Yet, you are experiencing what can only be described as an altered psychic state on another level in terms of this relationship. Such an experience is a game changer, to say the least. You cannot have an encounter like that and continue in your ordinary life, ignoring the fact that a part of your psyche has just been animated unlike anything you have ever experienced before. (Incidentally, such a relationship is not necessarily romantic. Two souls destined to create together on some high cosmic plane would absolutely experience this inner psyche phenomenon.)
Join Caroline to delve into this rich state of consciousness as a core game changer in our first lesson.

Lesson 2: Are There Choices I Actually Have to Make at this Stage in My Life?
Choice drives the forces of our lives. It’s the power through which we set into motion cycles of cause and effect. We either initiate the cycles of change in our life consciously or unconsciously, given the quality of choices that we make. So often we think that by not making choices, we’re safe. But a decision to “wait and see” is more of a game changer than people realize. It is itself a choice—a choice that often has extreme consequences rather than the “safe” ones that people assume such a decision insures.
Life is filled with certain crossroads and moments that position us to make significant choices. What are the indicators that you are at such a crossroads? Are YOU standing upon one of the crossroads right now?

Lesson 3: Do I Want to Open Myself to Other Relationships?
Do you feel too old to meet new friends? Have you decided that it’s too late to have the relationships you want? Such decisions are game changers and you may not even realize you’ve made them. How you position yourself in relationships in terms of age and openness is one of the core game changing forces in your life, as you’ll learn in this session.

Lesson 4: Am I Living a Congruent Life?
Genuine self-esteem begins with knowing that you’re living a congruent life, one in which your actions are in harmony with your personal beliefs. Your choices, from what you eat to your investments, reflect well thought out commitments to how you want to care for your health to what organizations you want to financially support. Congruence is a huge word that includes the macro-environment of your life as well as the micro, but it’s at the micro level that we become clever at living with being incongruent. For example, much of our suffering comes from self-betrayal. Whether driven by circumstances or relationships, we may find ourselves unable to live in way that honors how we really feel and think. Such a fracturing of our inner psychic life results in creating an incongruence of heart and mind, body and soul.
What happens next once you ask this question? What happens when you decide to live a congruent life? How much of your life will change? How does a person even begin to initiate the congruent life? You’ll delve into these questions and more in today’s lesson.

Lesson 5: What Do I Have Yet to Offer Life?
What wisdom is hidden within your life’s journey?
We often become so familiar with ourselves that we decide that there is little more to know about ourselves. Many of us close the passageways of our imagination to new possibilities and, as a result, we shut down streams of guidance that would otherwise direct us to consider new ideas.
The wisdom era of one’s life only begins as people enter their 50’s and it’s exactly at that point that they should be asked, “What wisdom have you acquired in your life?” We have been wasting the great resource of our Elders by first, calling them “elderly” and secondly by not acknowledging that they (or you) have warehoused an enormous amount of wise teachings that should be archived and transferred to upcoming generations. The creative challenge for us all is to find the routes through we “Wisdom Elders” discern their life jewels – their life wisdom – in order to pass it down to the next generation. If you are not yet in your late 40’s or early 50’s, you will be soon! As you’ll discover in today’s lesson, it’s never too early to realize that life teaches you many things, but it is up to you to gather the wisdom hidden in your life’s journey.

Lesson 6: Am I Sincere About My Spiritual Journey?
What exactly is a spiritual journey and what are you seeking on that path? How much time and attention do you devote to your spiritual life?
The spiritual journey can be a mixed bag in our society, mixed up with personal healing agendas and getting through life transitions. But the spiritual path has an agenda of its own that is transcendent of the challenges of life. It was never intended as a problem-solving (or problem-dissolving, as so many often wish) path for life’s obstacles. Rather, one turns to the power of one’s spirit to gain a level of clarity and stamina that cannot be attained through the resources of the mind. One engages the spirit to animate an inner realm of grace and insight that is capable of providing guidance as to how to make wise choices in the midst of great chaos. But the spiritual path cannot insure that we do not encounter chaos as that force of nature is simply built into the journey of life.
In this final lesson, you’ll examine the tools you need to navigate the deeper waters of your spiritual life in times of tranquility as well as chaos.

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