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Online Courses

  1. Your Career Transformation Program
  2. Online Courses Online Courses
    Wired to Thrive! Online Course
    As low as $180.00
  3. Why Marry a Millionaire? Just Be One!
  4. What Will The Psychic Tarot Say to You?
  5. Unlock the Secret Messages of Your Body
  6. Unbinding the Heart
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    Unbinding the Heart
    Price $13.01
  7. Transform Your Voice
  8. Transform Your ENERGY
  9. The Work: Who Would You Be Without Your Story?
  10. Payment Plan Available
  11. The Turning Point
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    The Turning Point
    Price $65.38
  12. The Three Dimensions of Self-Healing
  13. The Shadow Effect
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    The Shadow Effect
    Price $196.69