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    Drama Detox by Doreen Virtue

    Drama Detox

    Break Free from Negativity & Drama

    by  Doreen Virtue

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    • You’re stressed-out and tired 
    • You're overwhelmed by your sensitivity 
    • You don’t feel good about yourself 
    • You push yourself to go faster 
    • You’re forgetful and can’t focus 
    • There’s too much drama and negativity in your life 
    • Your relationships are difficult 
    • Your body isn’t cooperating 
    • You’re experiencing burnout in your career 

    … then it’s time to recover your sparkle—your joy, inner peace, health, ability to focus, motivation, and happiness!

    You have an inner light that can never be extinguished, but if you don’t feel happy or excited about life right now, your inner light may be hidden. 

    If your day-to-day life or your relationships leave you feeling dull, depleted, or drained, you are probably trapped in the drama-trauma-stress cycle.

    These changes dim your inner spark and keep you from living a fulfilling, joyful life. Fortunately, there is a way to break the drama-trauma-stress cycle, and it all begins when you gain awareness of unhealthy relationships and behavior patterns that lower your self-esteem and sense of self-worth.

    Doreen Virtue, prolific best-selling Hay House author who holds three degrees in Counseling Psychology, understands on a personal level how we can get drawn into a drama cycle. She also knows firsthand how sensitive people are more likely to have trouble saying “no” to toxic relationships—as past trauma can not only sensitize us, but actually addict us to unhealthy patterns.  

    Her experience and extensive training have given her unique insight into the psychological and physiological reasons we get trapped in trauma-drama cycles that deplete us and disconnect us from our higher selves and from others.  

    Drama is a form of self-sabotage and self-punishment that, paradoxically, we’re unconsciously drawn to. Your experiences with negativity and drama can be highly addictive patterns, with a physiological basis. Even if you protest that you can’t stand drama, there are “secondary gain” rewards of involving yourself in dramatic situations and relationships that may keep you coming back for more, such as:


    • Receiving sympathy and other forms of attention from others
    • Focusing upon someone else’s issues instead of your own
    • Giving yourself a great excuse to procrastinate
    • Feeling needed, either by rescuing others or by being rescued

    The key to healing from trauma and regaining your sparkle in life lies in understanding the link between drama and trauma, and discovering and resetting your patterns so that you can let your inner light shine.

    Doreen’s Drama Detox Online Video Course will help you understand why drama always seems to find you; what chemicals trigger the stress-response cycle in your brain and body, bringing about more drama and conflict; and how to avoid certain foods, hormone releasers, and toxins that activate this post-trauma stress response. Doreen explains the latest scientific evidence on how post-traumatic stress reactions, when left unhealed, lead to an addiction to drama. 

    What results can you expect after taking this online course with Doreen? 


    You’ll feel more in control, more in charge, and more at peace with yourself and satisfied in your relationships. You’ll reignite that sparkle deep within and heal your body, mind, and spirit.  


    You’ll be able to develop healthy, loving, and supportive relationships by recognizing, fully understanding, and then changing your unhealthy patterns. When you start this process, your inner light—your joy, inner peace, motivation, and ability to focus and make heart-centered connections to others—can shine bright again.

    Here’s What You’ll Learn during Your Time with Doreen:


    • How to break negative cycles of behavior and toxic relationship patterns by exploring the scientific link between trauma and drama
    • Proven tools to instantly help you manage your sensitivity
    • Effective exercises to help you deal with negative situations in healthy ways that build a strong sense of self-worth and self-esteem
    • How to decrease your stress response by eliminating certain chemicals and toxins from your environment and your body
    • Simple ways to restore balance in all areas of your life
    • Foods that foster well-being and make you sparkle
    • Natural stress, depression and anxiety relief
    • Your drama quotient, as revealed by an enlightening quiz to assess the levels of stress in your life
    Remember, you always have choices…
    1. whether you say yes or no to stress
    2. whom you form relationships with
    3. if you commit to self-care that fosters confidence and positivity.
    Don’t be surprised if after taking Doreen’s 4-lesson course, you gain the courage and the strength to leave the negativity, drama, and stress behind for good. You’ll see favorable results that come with healing trauma and breaking the drama-trauma-stress cycle, rewards that far outstrip the roller-coaster ups and downs you’ve experienced from the drama in your life. You’ll experience a sense of peace that is more aligned with your spiritual essence and your purpose on earth will flow in everything you do.

    How This 4-Lesson Online Video Course Works

    If you know you are stuck in an unfulfilling cycle of negativity, drama, and stress, you CAN recover your excitement about life and regain the inner sparkle that may have dimmed over time. 

    By addressing the many areas in which drama affects your life—including your friendships, romantic partnerships, and relationships with family members and even co-workers—Doreen shows you how to break the addictive patterns of stress, negativity, and conflict.  

    In just 4 short weeks, you’ll become acutely aware of your inner processes and begin to change the way you see others and the relationship dynamics you experience—and, most important, the way you see yourself. 

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    “Your experiences with negativity and drama can be highly addictive patterns, with a physiological basis. Your brain and body may be hooked on stressful experiences that dull your light.

    -Doreen Virtue

    What You'll Learn

    Lesson 1: The Drama Addiction Cycle & the Science of “Sparkle”

    This first lesson is all about the drama addiction cycle and the science of “sparkle.” Doreen explains how your brain chemistry and hormonal balances have been altered from a trauma—and how to heal yourself to regain your sparkle. By understanding the way in which foods, lifestyle habits, and relationship patterns affect your physiology and how these can trigger stress in your body, you’ll see why drama always seems to find you.

    Drama Quotient Quiz

    This quiz, based upon scientific research about post-traumatic symptoms and the addiction to stress chemicals, assesses your personal Drama Quotient to help answer these questions:

    1. How much do you tolerate drama?
    2. How much do you “hook into” other people’s drama
    3. Do you know the difference between drama-based rescuing and genuinely helping someone in need?
    4. Do you attract your own drama?

    Addictive Brain Chemical List
    There are countless metabolic processes involved with stress responses. This synopsis briefly reviews the three major stress hormones that negatively impact us—adrenaline, cortisol, and histamine—as well as the feel-good body and brain chemicals also involved with drama addiction: dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin.

    Lesson 2: How to Regain Your Sparkle

    It’s time to regain your sparkle. Doreen compassionately walks you through the process to heal from the trauma-drama-stress cycle. By using the exercises in this video lesson, you can regain a positive relationship with yourself and feel safe again in your own body. Doreen shows you how to find balance, literally and metaphorically, so you crave peace—not drama.

    Trauma Exposure Therapy Visualization
    This audio exercise will help you heal from trauma on the deepest level.

    Finding Support
    For those with post-traumatic symptoms, outside support is often necessary for full recovery. In this PDF, you’ll find information on how to find a trauma-trained therapist along with information on some of the 12-step programs for emotional and family healing, addiction recovery, and making dietary changes.

    Lesson 3: Sparkling around Other People

    Get ready to sparkle around other people! You’ll be empowered to address the imbalances in your friendships and other important relationships. Doreen will show you how to recognize and avoid people and relationships that pull you down while learning how to attract people who uplift and support you.

    Lesson 4: Developing Healthy Relationships

    Doreen demonstrates how to set standards for developing healthy relationships, whether with friends, romantic partners, family members, or co-workers. You’ll even learn healthy ways to deal with difficult family members so you retain your identity during family gatherings.

    BONUSES: Two great audio files and Doreen's favorites

    Live Webinar with Doreen
    This is your opportunity to work with Doreen Virtue directly in a group setting. Doreen will share additional tips and messages to help you detox from drama so you can create the loving, supportive relationships you deserve. She’ll also be answering your questions so you get the guidance you need throughout this online video course.

    Doreen’s Favorite Organic & Fairtrade Brands/Retailers PDF
    Take the guesswork out of finding nontoxic clothing and beauty products with Doreen’s comprehensive guide. You’ll find some of her favorite brands and her personal recommendations so you can ensure your clothing and beauty products are free of stress-inducing toxins.

    Banishing Stress Audio Meditation
    This audio meditation is perfect for releasing pent-up stress from the day. Use this as often as necessary to regain balance in your body and your mind. You’ll feel calmer, more in control, and able to let go of anything that doesn’t serve you in the present moment.

    Deep Emotional Detox with the Healing Power of the Angels Audio
    Clear away upsetting thoughts and emotions with the loving help of the archangels and your guardian angels in this powerful healing audio with Doreen. By releasing negative emotions and thoughts, you’ll begin automatically attracting more positive relationships and experiences in your life.

    Drama Detox - In Course Webinar: Access to exclusive in-course webinar with Doreen Virtue

    These in-course webinars allow you the unique opportunity to interact personally with Doreen Virtue and to ask questions, gain personalized insight about your situation and learn from others in the community. These LIVE webinars are only being offered within the course and are a rare chance to speak with Doreen to help get you an in-depth understanding on the exercises, tools and techniques in this course.

    By sneha on Jun 18, 2017

    Thanks Doreen you have managed to change my circumstances with this i NOW CLAIM MY IDENTITY around my family something i have struggled with for years. I feel lighter and feel happier a part of me has made a shift and its also helped with my healing practice. Love and Light x

    By Stephanie on Feb 22, 2017

    This course is well worth the money. It helped me tremendously and turned my life around. I am now at a point, after doing this course, that I can consider myself a survivor and no longer a sufferer. If you follow her steps, advice, and put in the work it truly works on all aspects of your life. I am truly grateful to have found you and this course. So thank you I am extremely grateful for your work and your gifts. Aloha!