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Radical Wellbeing

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Course description

Course description

This life-changing course includes:

  • The science behind why your lifestyle is more important to your health than your DNA.
  • Simple practices you can start applying right away to decrease inflammation – the root cause of so many diseases that are prevalent today.
  • An exploration of the effect stress has on the physical body – plus scientifically backed advice on how to ground yourself and stop stress in its tracks.
  • Two guided meditations and three breathing practices that will help ground you in the moment to reset your body, while providing unique healing insights.
  • Detailed guidance on the most potent lifestyle changes you can make to enhance your whole health – mind, body, and sprit.
  • A discussion of the infinite possibilities contained in the quantum realm – and how to choose which quantum reality to bring into physical being.

The advice Deepak lays out in Radical Well-Being – presented with the trademark wit and clarity that has made him legendary around the globe – will guide you, step by step, on a journey to create a new life. To turn back time. To feel younger and more vibrant each day. 

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