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Limited Time Offer - Additional Bonuses Available until Oct 11th ONLY - Act Now!
Due to overwhelming demand, we've re-released the opportunity to OWN the World Summit!
Offer Ends Oct 25th, but when you order by Oct 11th, you Get Special Gifts
from Hay House!
(Valued up to $1,210)

The Hay House World Summit brings together over 100 world-renowned experts from the personal-growth field to share...See more

Limited Time Offer - Additional Bonuses Available until Oct 11th ONLY - Act Now!
Due to overwhelming demand, we've re-released the opportunity to OWN the World Summit!
Offer Ends Oct 25th, but when you order by Oct 11th, you Get Special Gifts
from Hay House!
(Valued up to $1,210)

The Hay House World Summit brings together over 100 world-renowned experts from the personal-growth field to share with you the practical, applicable ways in which they incorporate their teachings in their own lives . . . and how you can do the same!

When you purchase this package, you'll own all 110 hours of the Hay House World Summit teachings in your personal digital library available for you to listen to again and again!

You'll receive the entire digital collection of incredible wisdom as experts share their stories, powerful exercises and practical advice on how to live your best life! (retail value $1,199).

PLUS $1,200 in BONUS ITEMS when you order today!
Total retail value = $2,409!

During these enlightening conversations, Self-help authors and visionary teachers from an array of fields will sit down to share their personal moments of transformation. You'll also discover new voices in today's generation of spiritual teachers and learn how all these inspiring leaders apply their expertise to their own lives.
You’ll learn from incredible teachers on a variety of topics that are truly life changing. And this practical advice is easy to apply to your OWN Life!

This package includes ALL of these exclusive audio downloads as well as the written transcripts and are available for immediate download:
  Group 1
Louise L. Hay: The Woman Who Started it All

Listen to a clip now!
"The woman who started it all" Louise Hay interviewed by Reid Tracy

Cheryl Richardson: The Art of Extreme Self-Care
John Edward: Facts and Fiction of the Spirit World
Dr. Robin L. Smith: Hungry for Yourself: The Diet You Cannot Afford to Cheat on
Brendon Burchard: How to Live a Charged Life
Bernie Siegel, M.D.: The Art of Healing
Meggan Watterson: The Divine Feminine
Latham Thomas: Your Empowered, Vibrant Pregnancy
Baron Baptiste: Being of Power
Deborah King: How to Process Emotions and Stay Centered
Jennifer McLean: Embracing All That Is 
  Group 2
Esther Hicks: The Evolution of the Law of Attraction

Listen to a clip now! "The Evolution of the Law of Attraction" - Esther Hicks interviewed by Reid Tracy

Marianne Williamson: Wisdom from A Course in Miracles
Anita Moorjani: The Healing Power of Unconditional Love
Mark Hyman, M.D. Reverse Diabesity and the Blood Sugar Solution
Jack Canfield: Discussing Success with Jack Canfield
Denise Linn: Spiritual Secrets to Activate Fabulous Abundance Long
Kriss Carr: Crazy Sexy Kitchen: Embracing a Plant-Empowered Lifestyle
Charles Linden: Overcoming Anxiety and Stress
John C. Parkin: F**k-It Therapy
H. Ronald Hulnick, Ph.D. and Mary R. Hulnick, Ph.D: Spiritual Psychology
Leon Nacson: How to Interpret Your Dreams
  Group 3
Christiane Northrup, M.D.: Emotions and Health: The Crucial Connection
Don Miguel Ruiz: The New Agreements

Listen to a clip now!
"The New Agreements" - don Miguel Ruiz interviewed by Michael Neill

Michael Bernard Beckwith: Life Visioning: A Proven Technology for Discovering, Activating, and Evolving Your Deepest Self
Nick Ortner: The Tapping Solution: A Breakthrough Method for Personal Growth
Alan Cohen: Living Your Passionate Purpose
Gay Hendricks: Releasing Your Creative at Midlife and Beyond
Lisa Williams: Opening Your Awareness to the World Beyond
Lissa Rankin, M.D.: Mind Over Medicine
James F. Twyman: The Moses Code: How to Create Miracles in Your Life
Jonathan Goldman: Secrets of Sound Healing: Why Sound Can Heal and Transform
Russ Hudson: Discovering the Enneagram
  Group 4

James Van Praagh: Speaking to the Spirit World
Jorge Cruise: Where Dietary Science is Today
Sandra Anne Taylor: Empowering Yourself Through Past Lives
Mastin Kipp: Lessons Learned in Love
Colette Baron-Reid: IN-Vision: A Revolutionary Energy Method to Remove all the Blocks to Co-creating the Life You Want
Lynne Mctaggart: How Understanding Our True Human Bond Can Lead to a Happier You and a Healthier Planet
Alex Woodard: For the Sender
Donna Gates: The Wisdom of Body Ecology:Using Food as Medicine for Health and Vitality
Gerry Gavin: Messages from Margaret: Down-to-Earth Angelic Advice for the World . . . and You
Noah St. John: Afformations: Giving Yourself Permission to Succeed
Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche: Awakening to the Peace Within
  Group 5

Doreen Virtue: Listening to Your Angels
Michael Neill: Happiness and Success
Glynis McCants: Discover Your Numerology Blueprint
Madisyn Taylor: Daily Tools to Create Sanity and Inner Peace
Jean Haner: The Wisdom of Your Face
Peggy Rometo: Genius Intuition
Danielle MacKinnon: Animal Soul Contracts: What Your Animals Are Trying to Tell You
Ali Campbell: How to Make Big Changes in Your Life Fast
Sarah DeAnna: Unleashing Your Supermodel Power
Judith Orloff, M.D.: Awaken Your Empathic Abilities: How to Protect Your Energy & Flourish
Uwe Albrecht: The Healing Secret of Innerwise
  Group 6
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer: I Can See Clearly Now

Listen to a clip now!
"I Can See Clearly Now" - Wayne Dyer interviewed by Reid Tracy

Robert Holden, Ph.D.: Shift into Love, Happiness, and Success
Eldon Taylor: Your Mind: The Genie Within
Arielle Ford: How to Embrace a More Playful Relationship
Gordon Smith: The Healing Power of Mediumship
Dr. Darren R. Weissman: Harmonizing the Body and Emotions Through Infinite Love & Gratitude
Sarah McLean: Soul-Centered Meditation
Mira Kelley: Past-Life Regression
Julie Daniluk, R.H.N.: Eating Meals That Heal in Order to Balance Hormones, Weight, and Immunity Lynn A. Robinson: Divine Intuition in Everyday Life
Jessica Ortner: Emotions, Tapping, and Weight Loss
  Group 7

Gregg Braden: Who Am I? Who Are We?: What Science Tells Us about Ourselves and Our World in Crisis
Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.: Being in Your Wise Mind and Your Most Resilient Self
Mona Lisa Schulz, M.D., Ph.D.: The Intuitive Body and Its Healing Messages
Marcelle Pick, MSN, OB/GYN NP: Diet and Stress: Your Hormones Are What You Eat
David R. Hamilton, Ph.D.: How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body
Robert Thurman: Infinite Life: Breaking Free from the Terminal Lifestyle
Barbara Carrellas: Sex + Spirit = Ecstasy
Dr. Fabrizio Mancini: Unlock Your Self-Healing Potential!
Sharon Salzberg: A New Vision of Courage, Faith, and Compassion
Karen Noe: How to Receive Messages and Learn from Your Deceased Loved Ones
Otmar Jenner: Medicine and a Holistic View of Human Life
  Group 8
Suze Orman: Your Relationship with Your Money Begins with Your Relationship with Yourself
Brian L. Weiss, M.D.: Meditation, Past Lives, and Relaxation
Immaculée Ilibagiza: The Power of Prayer and Forgiveness
Joe Dispenza, D.C.: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself
davidji: Meditation and Mindfulness
Mark S. Husson: When Love Is Not Enough
Dr. Frank J. Kinslow: Conquer Stress and Burnout with Pure Awareness!
Steve Taylor: Back to Sanity: Recovering from “Humania” and Finding Inner Peace
Kate Northrup: Falling in Love with Your Finances
Neha Sangwan, M.D.: Healing Through Better Communication
Sabrina Fox: The Secret of Body Blessing
  Group 9

Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.: How to Live in Heaven on Earth
Iyanla Vanzant: Faith, Forgiveness, and What It Means to Heal
Neale Donald Walsch: The Conversation of the Century
Sonia Choquette: How to Tune In and Trust Your Vibes
Gabrielle Bernstein: The Presence of Love
Maureen Hancock: A Medium’s Take on Dying and the Afterlife
Vianna Stibal: ThetaHealing
Dawson Church, Ph.D.: The Effects of Childhood Emotional Trauma on Health
Joe Vitale: The 7 Keys to Prosperity and Abundance
Kate Somerville: Complexion Perfection: Your Guide to Your Skin
Ilona Selke: Evolution of the Soul
  Group 10
Deepak Chopra, M.D.: Who Am I?: Breaking Free from the Conditioned Mind

Listen to a clip now! "Who Am I?: Breaking Free from the Conditioned Mind" - Deepak Chopra interviewed by Greg Sherwood

Caroline Myss: The Power in Archetypes
John Holland: Discovering Your Soul Purpose
Kyle Gray: Stories from an Angel Communicator
Gary R. Renard: Discover Your True Nature Through Forgiveness
Terah Kathryn Collins: An Introduction to Feng Shui and the Tao Te Ching
Larry Dossey, M.D.: The Power of Human Consciousness and Intention
Tara Stiles: How to Follow Your Intuition Through Yoga and Win with Ease
Mike Robbins: The Power of You
Nancy Levin: Writing for Your Life: Using Creativity to Reclaim Your Inner Power
Sat Hari Singh: The Meaning of Kundalini Yoga

Remember in addition to all the audio downloads, this package includes a PDF transcript of all these discussions for your reading pleasure!

We are honored that you have chosen Hay House to be your favorite resource and hub of wisdom over the years—whether you’re embracing your health, deepening your spirituality, nurturing your relationships, exploring the world of possibility, or a combination of all of the above!

We have something for everyone in this incredible package! This is just a small taste of the 110 hours of content on a variety of topics, advice and wisdom you will experience when you buy now:

Best-selling author Dr. Wayne Dyer will share his insight and expertise on manifestation and divine intelligence. Tune in as Deepak Chopra explains how the goal of higher states of consciousness and enlightenment is to find our true identity. While Caroline Myss introduces you to the intriguing and powerful world of archetypes.

Discover the true power of forgiveness with Marianne Williamson as she leads you through one of her favorite visualizations to a new level of awareness and peace. While Brendon Burchard teaches you how to make positive transformations to become the person you’ve always dreamed of.

During Gregg Braden’s fascinating conversation you’ll discover the five key false assumptions we’ve all been led to hold as true, and how this obsolete thinking has contributed to the many crises we face today. While Joan Borysenko offers two meditation and breathing techniques for inhibiting fear and calming down the structures of the limbic system, along with many other tips and practical advice for stress-free living!

Interviews with health advocates including Kris Carr, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Bernie Siegel, Donna Gates, Jorge Cruise and Mark Hyman will illuminate the many paths to healing your body and enjoying your health. Fresh off the success of his new book The Tapping Solution, Nick Ortner will also share a simple solution for stress-free living.

Relax and enjoy guided meditation exercises from Denise Linn and Sonia Choquette among many others. John Holland will discuss how to tap in to your soul’s innate desires and abilities in his interview; while as an interviewer, he will engage with other intuitive speakers like John Edward about the facts and fiction from the spirit world. And meet Lisa Williams and learn how to open up your own psychic awareness.

And you won’t want to miss Brian L. Weiss, M.D., as he demonstrates past-life regression and meditation techniques to help bring more happiness and joy to your life. You’ll even get a special regression exercise to bring you to a happy childhood memory. James Van Praagh begins and ends his discussion with beautiful meditations, where you learn how to tune in to your intuitive abilities and trust your own senses.

Best of all, I’m thrilled to share a rare and intimate conversation with our founder, Louise Hay. Listen in as she gives insight to the affirmations and positive thoughts that help her live a balanced and joyful life so you can too.

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Morning and Evening Meditations by Louise Hay
Self Esteem Affirmations by Louise Hay
Change Your Thoughts Meditation by Wayne Dyer
Meditations for Manifesting by Wayne Dyer
Angel Therapy Meditations by Doreen Virtue
Meditations for Peace of Mind by Bernie Siegel
Regressions to Time and Places by Brian Weiss
What Makes us Healthy? by Caroline Myss
Advancing Your Spirit by Marianne Williamson and Wayne Dyer
The Importance of Being Extraordinary by Eckhart Tolle and Wayne Dyer

3 Best-Selling Online Courses - $450 Value
Shift Happens! Saying YES to the Next Step in Your Life 5-Lesson Course by Robert Holden
(with Louise Hay, Cheryl Richardson, Maya Angelou, and Gabby Bernstein)
21 Days to Fabulous, Glorious Abundance! 4-Lesson Course with Denise Linn
Dying to Be Me 4-Lesson Course with Anita Moorjani

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  • Secrets of Manifesting by Wayne Dyer

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