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Sharon Anne Klingler

Sharon Anne Klingler
Sharon Anne Klingler was originally inspired to investigate greater consciousness as a result of her extraordinary experiences as an identical twin. She lectures all over the world on such subjects as reincarnation, spiritual mastery, intuitive development, spirit communication, and public mediumship for professionals. A member of the International Mediums League and Lily Dale Mediums League, Sharon has demonstrated her skill in spirit communication on three continents, from Europe to countries in the South Pacific. Her first book was Intuition & Beyond, published by Random House in London. Her other titles include Travel into Your Past Lives, Drawing on Your Intuition, Life with Spirit, Divine Connections. Her acclaimed program Speaking to Spirit is a complete home-study seminar for intuitive and mediumship development. Her articles and reviews have been featured in publications around the world including Daily Express (London), Now magazine (Sydney), Eve magazine (London), and Creations magazine (New York). Sharon’s appearances include ITV England, Vision TV Canada, NBC, ABC, CBS, and the BBC. Sharon is a leading international intuitive who has run a successful private practice for more than 25 years with high-profile clients around the world. It’s her desire that all people know the great presence of spirit—both the spirit within them and the guides beyond the veil who seek to share their knowledge and assistance.

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