Author Biography

    Martina Sheehan

    Martina Sheehan always struggled to answer the question “What do you do?” She’s hard to put in a box, graduating as a mechanical engineer but best known for opening people’s eyes to the power of their mind. Together with Mind Gardener® co-founder Susan Pearse, also her co-author of Wired for Life: Retrain Your Brain and Thrive, Martina has inspired thousands of people to lead, work, and live differently, and blogs at Martina and Susan have been recognized for delivering an award-winning leadership program to corporate Australia that changes not only how leaders connect with people but also how they lead their own lives. Martina is a sought-after speaker, thinker, and business adviser, and no longer struggles to answer the question “What do you do?” She now calls herself an attention activist, motivating people to give one moment of full attention every day and reconnect with life.