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Jaki Bent

Jaki Bent
She is just a normal 45+ female. Born in Middlesex, UK, she has spent all but six weeks of her life living in Devon, (making her a local now!) with her three amazing children, whom she has often described as her life savers.

Jaki is the creator of a new Coaching Therapy called Verbal Reiki and has numerous qualifications including, Master NLP practitioner, Hypnosis, Motivational Trainer, Inspirational Results & Re-Patterning Coach, Dynamic Speaker, Creative E-book Author (over 19,500 views) and many more odds and ends. However she feels that in reality they are just words, titles, labels, etc and they really don’t give much of an insight into who she is in real life.

She says it is difficult to describe what she actually does ~ however what she does, she does through being an Author, Speaker, Mentor, Coach and the only practitioner of Verbal Reiki. Jaki has also started a Massive ‘Pay-it-Forward’ project called ~ If Everyone Cares. Website: JakiBent.com