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Lectures & Events I Can Do It! Australia 2013
A Weekend Retreat for Your Soul

Date: August 10, 2013 - August 18, 2013
Sponsored by: Hay House Australia
Location: Melbourne & Sydney, see below

I Can Do It! runs Saturday and Sunday with an optional
One Day or Weekend Pass.
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Expand Your Mind, Nourish Your Soul
Are you looking for change in your personality, relationships, spiritual life or health?
The amazing authors speaking at the I Can Do It! weekend retreats around the world will provide information, inspiration, guidance and motivation. You’ll enjoy a unique environment of exploration with like-minded peers, while learning to unlock the door to a better relationship with yourself and others.

Be Entertained and Get Educated
At I Can Do It! you’ll have a unique opportunity to listen to Hay House authors speaking live about their innovative areas of expertise. Authors will be available to meet fans and sign autographs after their seminars. This is a great opportunity to meet your favourite author in person and create unforgettable memories that will inspire you long after the weekend is over.

Take Charge of a New, More Mindful Lifestyle
This is a weekend truly centred on change, enlightenment and empowerment. Well-known authors will help guide you on your journey; but this is just the beginning of the positivity and excitement that you will learn to integrate into your life. Learn from noted mentors and leave with the knowledge to invigorate—or reinvigorate—your mind, body and spirit.
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