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Wonderfully informative

This book has so much information that we all need. I enjoyed reading it and have shared it with others who have also had a positive experience with it. Everyone should read it and learn something new. It is packed with all kinds of ah ha moments.

LOVE these cards!

I LOVE these cards! This is one of my favorite decks! So uplifting and the artwork is fabulous. I'm learning a lot more about the fairies (which I didn't know growing up) and am thankful for their playful, honest, and encouraging nature. My children even ask to pick a card from this specific deck before going to bed! Makes me smile.

Must Have

I love this deck! Beautiful, inspiring, relevant, and accurate. Highly recommend!

Thi meditation has changed me life

This is an incredible series and I highly recommend this meditation every morning, and things will shift in your life. I fell quiet in my mind, and excited about things that I haven't been excited about fir years. Best product for healing thoughts.

A gift to myself

This is one of the most informative and inspiring books. I am at age of 49 and life a happy, joyful life full of rainbows and sparkles. Sometime though I have my tough moments and listening to the voice and words of wisdom Christiane Northrup shares lifts my spirit and encourages me. I bought this audio book as a gift for myself and I love it.


I use this deck daily as I speak to Archangel Michael all the time. I have multiple decks but this is a favorite! Always spot on, clear answers. I double up my decks at times and this deck is always in the mix.

Life changing course

I found this to be a simple and yet very empowering course, I found myself and was able to start loving myself deeply, feeling good about being me. Mirror work is extrmley powerful and deeply healing. thank you to all those who contributed to it.

The Art of Meditation: A Real-World Guide to Daily Balance, Inner Healing & Self-Discovery

A beautiful and informative course which eases you into an life changing practice of meditation, by the most inspiring teacher, davidji.

Adorable book

We have all of Chris P. Bacon's books and my girls still love reading them (ages 10 and 11)!

Exceptional Healing Meditation

I have been sleeping so deep and sound when listening to this meditation. I also feel better. There's no doubt it has a "magical" quality. Being able to fully relax is so important and this delivers. I highly recommend anyone, healthy and unhealthy, to give it a try.

Drama Detox: Break Free from Negativity & Drama

I've listened to the first installment twice now and glad I did. So much great information...Thanks, Doreen! You are a Supreme Sparkler:)


Such inspiration! Thank you :)

Jordan J.
The Courage to Be Creative: Enjoy Success from Your Creativity

I love this course! Thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge Doreen! You rock! xx

This makes a lot of sense!

This makes a lot of sense! Thank you for simplifying it!

Making Your Mind Matter

I'm coming up 70 and have decided I really need to change and am going to!

Loving Yourself

Gentle encouragement from a loving place.

Valerie S.
Ageless Goddess

Simple and empowering. Distilled wisdom.

Robyn S.
Ageless Goddess

I am uplifted and back on track!

Ellen K.
Elemental Space Clearing

It is amazing how things appear when you are ready for them!

Cathy L.
Certified Assertiveness Coach

Thank you for shining light on this topic of assertiveness with such clarity and great energy.

You make everything so simple

You make everything so simple, honest and straight forward.

Fawn O.
Writers Workshop

Very practical and wise and inspirational instruction.

Sipra R.
Writers Workshop

Honest content and invaluable information.

Sandeep C.
Writers Workshop

I go away inspired and empowered! Nice job!

Laura D.
I'm inspired

I'm inspired to create change in my life, and now have a direction to take.

Suzi P.
Thank you for giving us the science

Thank you for giving us the science behind what we are feeling when we are meditating and manifesting.

Carla C.
Loving Yourself

What a heavy load has been lifted learning and discovering that Life loves me and supports me!

Emilia C.
Playing The Matrix

This came at a perfect time as I am re-visioning my BIG dreams and creating my new experiences in life.

Manifest Your Soul's Purpose

What an example of true Love given with each thought given.

Ageless Goddess

This is invigorating, refreshing &, best of all, it's helping.

Theresa W.
Ageless Goddess

Informative & powerful information delivered with enthusiasum & grace !

Cynthia G.
Writers Workshop

Thank you so much for this practical, insightful and inspirational information.

Janine P.
Certified Assertiveness Coach

Never too late to pursue happiness! Thank you for providing the guidance.

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