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Caroline Myss
Caroline Myss has often been described as leading the forefront in the field of energy medicine: she's also a respected author and teacher in the holistic world, and perhaps one of the most inspiring visionaries in this changing and heal starved Universe. Caroline has a monthly online and bi-monthly print newsletter, where she discusses her work in detail.

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In 1996, Caroline's book Anatomy of the Spirit was published, and became a New York Times best-seller. A year later, she wrote Why People Don't Heal and How They Can, which also became a bestseller, followed three years later by Sacred Contracts, her third consecutive New York Times bestseller. She is currently at work on a new book about the Sacred Contract of the United States. To register for the Caroline Myss newsletter visit:

Products by this Author

Archetypes - Caroline Myss; Paperback
Defy Gravity - Caroline Myss; Paperback
Caroline Myss' Journal Of Inner Dialogue - Caroline Myss; Hardcover

Card Decks
Healing Cards - Caroline Myss; Card Deck
Wisdom for Healing Cards - Caroline Myss; Card Deck
Archetype Cards: A 80-Card Deck With Guidebook - Caroline Myss; Card Deck

Audio CDsView all 8 items
Defy Gravity - Caroline Myss; 4-CD Set
Entering the Castle - CD - Caroline Myss; Audio CD
Healing with Spirit - Caroline Myss; Michael Toms; Audio CD

Sacred Contract: The Journey - Caroline Myss; Peter Occhiogrosso; Complete Kit

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